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Idan DocManager

The Idan DocManager application is a fully integrated document management solution for, using the Document object infrastructure to provide the user with a familiar Windows-like functionality and look and feel.

Idan DocManager for

Zero Effort Integration

Idan DocManager is a pure server side solution, which is compatible with any modern browser (see compatibility chart). It does not require any component to be installed on the client side, nor does it rely on the existence of any component (such as Adobe Flash or Microsoft Silverlight).

Painless Migration

The Idan DocManager application does not change the Document or Folder objects in any way. In fact, users in the organization can use their out-of-the-box Documents tab and the Idan DocManager tab in parallel, allowing for a smooth (and optional) migration from one to the other. Users who want to enjoy the extra functionality provided by the Idan DocManager application can do so; those who prefer to keep to their Documents tab can do so as well, without any conflicts. The performance of the Document object is not affected by the presence of the Idan DocManager application.

Screen Captures and Demo

To get a glimpse of the powerful feature set of the application, click for a slide show presentation.


The Idan DocManager application is a native application, using the cutting edge VisualForce technology and the infrastructure. The application does not use any external interface or service, and runs with the same privileges the user has, making it totally safe and secure. Organizations Supported

Idan DocManager is an Aloha Application, which means it does not count against your system limits for apps, tabs, and objects—no matter which edition you’re using. It will work in the Group, Professional, Enterprise, Unlimited and Developer editions.


To learn more about this product and its value-add features, please check out the following documents:

Price and Availability

Like any of our products, this application is available from the AppExchange. Use this link to get to its dedicated AppExchange page. The Idan DocManager is offered free of charge. We do recommend you consider one of our support and maintenance subscription options, especially for an organization, but this is in no way required. For general pricing information, review the pricing policy page.

Customer Support

Please see the Support section for the full details.