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Idan Javascript Optimizer

Idan Javascript Optimizer is a tool for optimizing and obfuscating Javascript code. We use it extensively to protect our intellectual property (when needed), and to make sure our scripts are as lean as possible.

Idan Javascript Optimizer

Why Idan's Optimizer?

Fair question. There are many other good optimizers out there, a number of them free. The reason we prefer our own is the added functionality it provides for projects that include a number of script files. Other optimizers do their stuff file by file, hence must retain any external (or "public") name they encounter; the user has no control over the actual obfuscation process. Idan Javascript Optimizer is different. It has a powerful pre-processing step, allowing the user to specify which names should not be optimized, and which should be forced to be specific values, regardless of the obfuscation algorithm. This enables to user to maintain obfuscated names across multiple files. Other than that, our optimizer offers a much nicer UI than the common command line approach others have (we have that too, for our batch build process), with a number of control options and a handy preview.

Price and Availability

The Idan Javascript Optimizer is offered free of charge. We do recommend you consider one of our support and maintenance subscription options, especially for an organization, but this is in no way required.

Customer Support

Please see the Support section for the full details.