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Over the years, Idan Co was involved in the development of a number of customized solutions for corporate clients. We were able to secure the rights for the intellectual property for some of these solutions, and offer them packaged as a generic solution.

Since entering into the market in 2008, Idan Co has been active in enhancing the "standard" user experience by incorporating innovative web 2.0 technologies, creating value add solutions for companies running their business off the online platform.

The following applications are currently available or in final beta phase:

Microsoft SharePoint

Idan Co has been active in the Microsoft SharePoint market since its early days, starting with webparts for Microsoft SharePoint 1.0.
Our current offers are through our affiliation with Nateev Knowledge Solutions. Please go to their website for more information.

Development Tools

We find some of the tools we use in our day to day work useful enough to offer them to others. As these tools mature, we may evolve them from an internal tool to a software package. We expect the list of tools to grow in time.

The following tools are currently available:

  • Idan Javascript Optimizer - Protect your intellectual property and increase the performance of your Javascripts by obfuscation and optimization. The tool provides some functionality not available with other tools.

Pricing Policy

For pricing information, review the pricing policy page.