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Pricing Policy

The following is the pricing policy for Idan Co products. Note that any specific contractual agreement will override these default standards.

Paid Products

The price will be held fixed for the duration of the contract. The price might be changed on contract expiration or renewal; any such modification will be based on the price on that date and other market considerations. Renewal notice will be provided 30 days before the contact is up.

Free Products

Idan Co reserves the right to review the terms and condition of a free product package on a quarterly basis, based on market considerations. In the event the policy is changed, a notice will be sent to all users and posted online. Any such changes will take effect within 60 days for existing customers, and will be effective immediately for any new customers.

Available Discounts

Specific discounts can always be negotiated when a contract is signed. In general, discount will be offered in the following cases:
  • Contract length - based on the duration of the contract, we may offer an additional discount for an extended agreement.
  • Prepayment - we may wave some of the handling costs in case of a prepaid contarct.
  • Volume - available for product packages which are licensed based on seats.
  • Annual renewal - existing customers are usaully eligible for an additional discount.
  • Customization - we will consider discounting the base price of a package if additional paid customization was included in the contract.
Please contact sales or by email at for more info.