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Consulting & Development


We take pride in our past engagements and successful projects. The following showcase is a small sample of some of the projects we worked on.

Custom Applications

The development of custom application is our bread and butter. We can handle the complete software development cycle, or any step of it required; from design through implementation to deployment and on-going support and maintenance, we have the know-how and expertise to provide our clients with top quality professional services, all following well established software development best practices.

Our projects include high volume relational database applications, real-time processing for an automated trading system and integrated knowledge management desktop application.

Mobile Computing

Mobile computing for organizations, using the Windows Mobile platform is one of our specialties. We have been working mostly on the mobile front end for large supply chain management applications, handling the challenges of large databases stored on mobile devices which are often offline, utilizing a fast and reliable sync process with the main server.

We take extreme care in designing user interfaces perfectly suited for the small real estate offered by mobile devices, and to the challenging conditions in which they are used. Overall, our solutions enable our organizational clients to gain a competitive advantage over the competitors allowing their field personnel to better service their end-customers.

Business Intelligence and Dashboards

We have successfully implemented a number of business intelligence applications, including a real time rule based analysis and detection for a financial compliance system, a supply chain sales tracking and forecasting reporting package and a dashboard for a network operation center monitoring live transactions.

Our projects combine the simplicity, elegance and appeal of modern charting libraries with the strength of sophisticated statistical analysis algorithms and optimized data access. Some of the tools we developed, have quickly became the core application for monitoring.

Since entering into the market in 2008, Idan Co has been active in enhancing the "standard" user experience by incorporating innovative web 2.0 technologies, creating value add solutions for companies running their business off the online platform.

We are always interested in projects which will allow us to showcase our expertise, especially tasks that require advance programming skills, integrating the APIs with other technologies.


We have been involved with Microsoft SharePoint development since its early days; over the years, we developed for our clients a number of useful web parts, ranging from the very simple to the highly sophisticated. In the last couple of years, we were focused on working with larger organizations, doing mostly customization for an existing install base.

Many of the web parts we have been involved with are available through our affiliation with Nateev Knowledge Solutions.

Intellectual Property

As a rule, the intellectual property always belongs to our customer. However, in some cases we would consider sharing the cost of a project with a client, in exchange for the rights to use the intellectual property created as part of the project in our future projects. In fact, some of the software products we offer are the result of such a cooperation between us and an end-customer.


Our rates are competitive for our region (we work from the New York metro area) and in some cases negotiable. The rates usually depend on the type of project, the skill set required and the type of resource we assign to the task. Rates will also vary based on the length of the project and our involvement required before, during and after completion.


Please contact us at to find our current availability. We usually require an advance notice of 30 days before we can commit to any actual work.