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Products & Customizations

Customized solutions based on any of our existing packaged products can be implemented. We can handle the customization process from start to finish, or alternatively provide guidance and assistance for customers who have the ability to do the customization in-house.

Product Enhancements

It often happens that a customer is using one of our products for a while, only to identify that some additional functionality is required to improve an existing business process, or maybe following a change in business, a new functionality is needed. The majority of our products can be enhanced with such new features and functionality, and our development environment is flexible and sophisticated enough to support these special versions.


In cases where our product provides a solution to a generic business necessity, but requires a change to address a specific need of your business, we can often modify a core behavior of our product and repackage it in a custom build, to best suit your special business requirements.

New Development

If one of our product offers a solution to a business requirement which is similar to one that you have, but is sufficiently different from what a proper solution would be, we can engage in a new product development effort, following the guidelines of an existing product, thus saving considerable time in the design and development phases of the project.